The Weekly Wrap stock and option newsletter is also sent by email on Sunday evening usually around 11:00pm (EST).  The recommendations are covered call option trades which means you would buy the stock and write options to collect the premiums. This helps lowers the cost basis of the original investment and our goal is to make you double-digit monthly returns with our recommendations.  Sometimes, we may buy a stock without writing options as we are just looking for a quick 10%-20% move. 

The Weekly Wrap is designed for the investor who likes both stocks and options or just stocks.  We profile 1-2 companies per week and we give you a fundamental and technical outlook on each stock.  We like to focus on stocks under $20 and in the single-digits but we have taken positions in higher priced stocks.  Over the years we have covered several stocks that have moved 10-fold, including Imax when shares ran from $3 to $30 and Dendreon when shares zoomed from under $5 to over $60. 

The covered call option trades are intended to reduce your cost in a stock by writing monthly options to collect the premium.  With covered call options, the trader must purchase 100 shares to sell options against the position.  We are using stocks that we feel are “undervalued” or ones that are showing momentum to build a solid portfolio. 

This newsletter is for the “longer-term” investor but aims for double-digit profits on a monthly basis.  We usually recommend 1-2 new trades a month.  Most of the time our hidden gems are on stocks in the $5-$15 range which makes entry points for trading and writing covered calls less than $1,000.  

Our Track Record for the newsletter is amazing.  In 2011, we were 16-0 and in 2012 we were 28-2.  We are 26-3 this year and 70-5 since inception on picking winning trades.  Covered call trading may be boring but if you can make 20% on just 5 trades, your return is 100%.  Ten trades that return you 10% will also double your money and that is our goal. 

We have a success rate of nearly 95% for picking winners for the newsletter and we believe covered call trading would be a great addition to your portfolio or investing in small-cap stocks undiscovered by Wall Street..

Weekly Wrap Final 2011


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